Does Invisalign Deserve Such Hype?

 Teeth straightening seem to be a nightmare for the young adults and teens.  Also flossing and brushing become tough while the brakes are on. As a result the food particles and debris get stuck within the braces leading to cavities-causing tartar and plaque.

Undergoing traditional braces treatment accompany with endless drawbacks ranging from speech impediment to broken brackets, missing ligatures to bruise and from sore mouths to tooth stains. Also putting on traditional braces seems to be causing an embarrassment for them.

So inception of Invisalign aligners in 1997 is considered as a perfect substitution of traditional braces. It attempts seamlessly to address the convention braces’ imperfection  b so that it is accepted by the patients of all ages. In this blog, we will see whether it attains success or not!

Invisalign benefits

Some remarkable benefits of Invisalign are discussed below for you:

  • Invisible

It is nearly invisible and barely one can notice its presence on your teeth from a distance. This discreet and transparency makes it quite desirable by the young adults and teens.

  • Comfort

In comparison to conventional braces it is quite comfortable as Invisalign is custom-made from a unique smooth plastic material.

  • Enhanced dental hygiene

Invisalign is completely removable and thus you can practice your oral care routine perfectly to ensure its health and hygiene throughout the treatment period. Once you are putting the aligner back into your mouth.

  • Time-savvier

Invisalign delivers straight teeth notably within 6-12-month. But on the basis of severity of the condition the tenure can get prolonged up to 18 months as well.

  • No food restriction

While you have to be vigilant regarding your diet with traditional braces there isn’t such with Invisalign as you can remove it to relish the food in a satiating way. Irrespective of anything, just keep in mind to pop out the Invisalign trays ahead of eating or drinking anything except water.

  • Improved dental health

Straight teeth are highly important for retaining the proper dental hygiene in the long run. It lessens the chance of other oral problems significantly like:

  • Tooth decay
  • Worn teeth
  • Gum disease
  • TMJ disorder

This is the reason of such high demand of Invialign amongst young adults and teens. But all these are amazing perks of using Invisalign over traditional braces which you can reap throughout the treatment.

Dental problems, tackle by Invisalign braces

  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Underbites
  • Protruding teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Gaps within the teeth
  • Misalignment
  • No matter how advanced Invisalign becomes, still conventional braces are regarded as the most efficient one to address a range of orthodontic problems from complex to mild. Moreover, many orthodontists are there who love to suggest traditional braces to tackle the complicated alignment problem with much ease and perfection.

Traditional braces benefits

  • It works fast- Unlike Invisalign, you can’t remove it intermediate your treatment period after getting it placed. It acts promptly in shifting the teeth back to their own position fast due to non-removable facility. It can reduce the total time window of the procedure as well.
  • Cost-effective- In contrast to available orthodontic options it is the most affordable one. All you need is a perfect smile with proper alignment of the teeth in the end.
  • It suits every condition- It works unbiased for the people of all ages and takes every orthodontic condition into its account no matter how complex it is. In the end, you will receive the smile of your dreams whereas Invisalign is made to treat only moderate to mild orthodontic issues.

Demerits of braces

  • Dental visit- It needs more number of dental visits to assess the progress of treatment of teeth straightening. You have to visit the dentist at least once in a month and it can be more if adjustments are needed.  
  • Food restrictions- With conventional braces, you can’t enjoy hard and sticky foods as it can damage the brackets and wires. So, you have to miss your favourite meals till you are finished with the treatment.
  • Inconvenience- Braces come in-between your dental health and oral care regime. As a result dental health gets deteriorated as you can’t floss and brush properly while having the braces on.
  • Uncomfortable and painful- Putting on braces throughout the entire treatment period is really painful. Those who have sensitive gum will experience soreness and pain in the mouth. The sharpness of the metal wires can cause painful bruises too.


We have reviewed both teeth straightening options along its benefits and possible setbacks. However, to conclude the success rate of either is quite daunting as Invisalign is introduced much lately. Even, it is quite challenging to distinguish within traditional and Invisalign braces.

But the teens obsessed with appearance and are self-conscious can find Invisalign alluring. One can remove it easily at the time of drinking and eating as well. In case, you find it an extra job, then the braces are ready to serve you at its best. The patients having severe alignment issues must opt for braces as Invisalign is dedicated to addressing mild orthodontic problem.

So, patients have to decide which one treatment option they want after undergoing extensive dental examination at the dental clinic. Once must select a reliable, qualified and experience Invisalign provider and orthodontist. The rate of success entirely depended on their experience.

Also the providers can earn the rank on the basis of patients’ number treated so far with Invisalign like diamond, platinum, gold and silver. The orthodontist who has treated highest number of patients will be considered as the top amongst its competitors. Choose the platinum Invisalign provider in London to get discreet teeth straightening by making an appointment with our clinic.

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